Words like Spears

unsplash3Being a 32-year-old writer is complicated.

I am learning to master language (though I am far, far from mastery, to be clear), and I know how to wield words: I honor people with my words and I hurt people with them too.

At 32, I have more grace for others than at any other point in my history. But I am also the freest I have ever been, and so I exercise sharing my voice more than ever before.

Let’s just say that all of these factors mean that I have a lot of weapons on me and also a lot of cure. I am still so far from knowing how to use these resources rightly.


Image credit: Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Words like Spears

  1. You’re one of my biggest writing encouragements, so I’d say you are using those words well…to cure. Been thinking a lot about what you said about getting out of my own way. It’s helping!

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