24 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish I Was in Addition to Being a Writer

  1. 1. Someone who knows how to make pizza dough by flipping it up in the air.
    2. Someone who has NO credit card debt.
    3. An artist with her own creative business.
    4. A writer of graphic novels.
    5. A mama.

    Good news is I’m working on all of these.
    #1 is sort of tough, but soon.
    #5 is sort of easy, but won’t happen to soon πŸ™‚

  2. 5 Things I Wish I Was In Addition to Being an Academic:
    1. An actress
    2. A size 4 (yeah, I know, healthy body image, love myself, etc…still a wish)
    3. Engaged
    4. Friends with the Vlogbrothers
    5. Make-out buddies with Ellen Page (swooooooon)

    This may inspire a future Novel Ideas post, so I’ll make sure to credit you if I write it!

  3. 1. A singer (John Legend)
    2. Best friends with Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Be adventurous
    4. Have kids
    5. Sell my IT company

    Hmm, that’s about it. Took me ages to narrow them down to 5…haha

  4. 5 things I wish I was in addition to being a writer:

    1. An ex-pat.
    2. Fluent in multiple languages.
    3. A beer/wine/coffee/tea connoisseur. Any drink that has a fascinating history, really. I think I named them all.
    4. An owner of a Great Dane.
    5. A pilot.

  5. Off the top of my head…
    1) Musical (enough so to be on Broadway)
    2) Friends with the Avengers (either their characters or the actors themselves, particularly Tom Hiddleston, with whom I could discuss Cranford at great length. And along with that, the ability to talk to men in general.)
    3) Creative cook/baker
    4) Clothing/costume designer
    5) Published authoress

      • Ooooh, good question… From today’s Broadway stars, Maybe Kristen Chenoweth because she’s so stinkin’ versatile… Broadway hits, Gospel hymns, Country rhythms, opera… Lucky girl.
        Although in terms of who has the most golden, easy-to-listen-to voice IN THE WORLD, Judy Garland!

  6. 5 Things I Want to Be:
    1. British
    2. Non gluten-intolerant
    3. As fashionable in real life as I am on Pinterest
    4. Able to play the guitar
    5. The owner of a Stradivarius

  7. 1. Someone who knew, even just the basics, how to tape dance
    2. A landscape painter
    3. A world traveler
    4. Married. Or some awesome guy’s girlfriend
    5. Therapist or counselor

  8. 1. Joe Mauer’s wife (or anyone’s wife for that matter
    2. Olympic champion figure skater and best friends with Kristi Yamaguchi
    3. Loud and outgoing-like you and Kev
    4. Learn how to dance-help me out Derek Hough!!!
    5. Travel to Austria and see the SOM sights

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