Obsessive-Compulsives are Brave.

bebraveSometimes I think we OCs view ourselves as the antithesis of bravery because we experience so much anxiety, so much fear … and often over things that no one else seems to be struggling with.

But here’s the thing: we do it.  We battle this anxiety every. single. day.  

We get up.  We go to work and school.  We battle our way through days and nights like warriors.  People who don’t have OCD can rarely understand the terror that we stare in the eye every day.

And, most importantly, we seek out treatment– and that is the bravest thing of all.


For more about the ERP therapy that set me free, go to jackieleasommers.com/OCD.

Image credit: Kelli Murray

4 thoughts on “Obsessive-Compulsives are Brave.

  1. Thanks for this, Jackie. I remember when my first psychiatrist called me “high functioning.” I couldn’t believe that–I felt so scared and helpless! But I was getting up everyday and going to school, working, living life in spite of all the anxiety and obsessions.

  2. Loved reading this especially because I have been referred to as a “scaredy cat”, wimp, coward and manipulator by others who have been annoyed, inconvenienced or insulted by my OCD. Thank you Jackie for affirming our inner struggle. Brings me to wondering if the fears we fight every day and the anticipatory anxiety of our feared objects, thoughts and events actually helps us to cope with life situations and crisis that might overwhelm others who have not had the experience of struggling with the same depth of emotional pain.

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