Theory of Inspiration

Melissa was my roomie at the Big Sur Writing Workshop last year. I loved her post here about inspiration and influences. A lot.

Wayward Rhapsodies

Lately, I’ve happened upon several instances of writers being asked, “What inspired you to write your book?” or “Where do you get all your ideas?” There seems to be this consensus that if you write a novel, you have to be inspired directly by something. However, the glamorous answers of dreams and train rides don’t apply to every writer. Often, it’s hard to pinpoint one exact thing or time when inspiration struck, which makes for an underwhelming origin story. Many a writer must bemoan recounting the inspiration of a book because, invariable, this question of inspiration comes up every single time I’ve seen a writer asked questions by his or her fans.

For me, being asked, “what inspired you?” is an absolutely terrifying prospect. My answer, right now anyway, is, “what doesn’t?” Okay, so rhetorical questions are rude, but it seems unfair to claim one specific thing inspired me to write one other…

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2 thoughts on “Theory of Inspiration

  1. Jackie, you are so refreshing! I’m just curious, when did your OCD start and what kind of OCD did you go through? Did you ever go on meds (I really don’t want to). And I was wondering, is excessive blushing/constantly worrying about blushing an OCD thing too? Because I suffered that for a good 3 years. Very hard and if that is somewhat OCD related, then that explains ALOT. Love your blog.

    • Hi Jamie, I have some recent posts about the start of my OCD. Just go to my homepage, and you won’t have to go very far back!

      I am on meds– three of them– daily.

      I haven’t heard of the blushing thing, but I wouldn’t put anything past OCD! It attacks where we are weak and also what is most important to us.

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