The Journey From Leaving Christianity To Attending Seminary

Loved the honesty of this.

Helps To Write

A reader of my blog recently asked a good question that I want to answer with a post.  They wrote:

Reading through your blog, we seem to have some of the same struggles and attitudes about what is generally passed off as Christianity. I see you have just started seminary, and so I have to ask whether your about page is due for an update. You have probably answered this in your past posts, but am I curious how you went from falling away to starting seminary.

First, the easy question.  Yes, I should update the about me page.  It’s been a long time and could definitely use an update.  Thanks for pointing that out.

Now for the big question: How did I go from falling away to starting seminary?  I decided to leave the church and faith back around 2007 or 2008 (I don’t remember specifically), though the frustration…

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