Tumblr & Asks & Anonymity

It was a quiet roll-out, but back in October 2013, I joined Tumblr and linked my blog up.  If Tumblr is more your style, you can find me at http://jackieleasommers.tumblr.com.

Lots of you are probably thinking, “Huh?  What’s Tumblr?  Why should I care?  What’s in it for me?”

Here’s why I think you might be interested:
* It has an “ASK” feature where you can ask me anything.  More importantly, you can ask me anything anonymously, if you want.  I hear from a lot of blog readers via email who bravely share their stories with me (and I’m so grateful and humbled by your trust), but I imagine there are others who are too afraid to attach their names to their stories.  Feel free to use this feature all you want, friends.  The second reason this feature is so important is this: if you share your story or ask your question on a public forum (instead of privately through email), others can benefit.  Just as you’ve learned since kindergarten: if you are wondering, someone else surely is wondering the same thing.

* My Tumblr page will have additional content– not from me, but content from around the internet that I find fascinating.  You might too.  Or not.  🙂

So, there you have it!


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