From Hit-or-Miss to Hard Work

In undergrad, my best writing mostly came about by accident.  I stumbled into the right story or else caught myself on a “good” writing day or else was incited to revise in order to better my grade.  Even then I knew that you couldn’t wait for inspiration to strike, but it was hard to imagine that anything could get done if inspiration never arrived.

These days, though, my best writing is produced by hard work.  It comes about because I show up and sit down and force myself to produce words.  I know that even an “uninspired” night– after night after night after night– can still be productive.  I have learned that showing up produces a bad first draft.  After which, showing up then produces a better second draft.  Rinse and repeat.

Showing up matters.  In some ways, it’s what matters the most.

work hard

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4 thoughts on “From Hit-or-Miss to Hard Work

  1. Oh, yes, hard work is so important. I have found that just plugging along can still give you nuggets that you can then work on later. That’s neat, too, that you can see the difference between the “write when inspired” and “write anyway” ways of being.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that if you think of writing as a passion instead of talent you will be more successful, because instead of just waiting for yourself to have brilliant idea and write brilliant words (ergo putting a tone of pressure on yourself) you will learn to value the whole process. It is amazing how I can go through seven days of feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing, then look back over what I’ve written an considered it a pretty productive week.

    • BINGO. That’s exactly it. If I sit down night after night after night, it ENDS UP COMING TOGETHER SOMEHOW. Can’t wait for the inspiration to strike or I’d still be clipping pictures out of magazines and watching High School Musical. 🙂

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