Obsessive-Compulsives are Creative. OCD Itself? Not So Much.

All The SameObsessive-compulsives tend to be creative, bright, highly intelligent, passionate people– and I love that about us!

Our disorder, on the other hand, is sorely lacking in creativity.

See, the thing is, when obsessive-compulsives isolate themselves, OCD appears to be this extremely creative disorder.  We imagine that NO ONE ELSE could think the things we think or use “logic” the way we do or entertain such dark and ugly thoughts.

But when obsessive-compulsives are in community with one another, we realize that OCD really has a limited bag of tricks.  Sure, obsessions can wear different costumes, but at the core, they often look very similar from person to person.

I recently spent time with another Pure-O, and we were able to list off our various obsessions with each other, and check, check, check, we had so much in common.  And both of us grew up thinking that we were monsters, that no one else would ever think about or struggle with the things that we did.  Yet our stories were nearly identical!

When I read a book about OCD, those “wild and outrageous” things I once obsessed over end up being the textbook examples.

I am convinced that the more we with OCD communicate amongst ourselves, the more we will realize that while we are creative, OCD quite frankly is not.

11 thoughts on “Obsessive-Compulsives are Creative. OCD Itself? Not So Much.

  1. Great post, Jackie, and that’s one of the things I remember most from the OCD conferences I’ve attended…..people standing around talking and saying things like, “I never thought anyone else had these obsessions.” OCD has lots of variations on the same theme, which is why it is so important for those with the disorder to connect with one another; to realize they are not alone.

  2. Awesome post! It really is interesting how people with ocd often think the same things and that we really aren’t that unique. I suppose one question would be HOW do OCers stay in communication?

  3. One of the big things I learned when I started reading OCDers blogs and started blogging myself was how similar many of our obsessions were. I didn’t have a lot of interaction with other OCDers before then, so I was amazed at the similarities.

    Question: why are people with OCD often intelligent and creative? What is it about OCD that gives us those qualities? Do you know?

  4. Love love love this post. OCD is NOT what makes me creative – our imagination and sensitivity may make us susceptible to OCD’s chains – but it is not the source of our creativity. I love how you put it as OCD’s “limited bag of tricks.” Community is SO important to taking the mask off OCD.

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