Five things I want:

1. A book deal.
This one is the top of the list.

weird and sexy2. A boyfriend.
And I want him to be funny and handsome and strange.

3. Money to go to all the conferences I wanted!
I’d really love to attend BookExpo America, the OCD national conference, SCBWI, and VidCon.

4. A bigger platform.
In other words, I wish my blog had 10 million followers or that I was an internet celebrity.

5. To meet Melina Marchetta and John Green.
I would die.

Random 5 Friday is a weekly meme over at A Rural Journal.

9 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Nice wish list. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a following like…say…Daniel of Manhattan Nest? But then how would one keep up with the replies. I guess you could always hire an intern. 🙂 Happy Friday. 🙂

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