14 thoughts on “Book Turn-Offs

  1. I think I’m skipping this weeks top ten tuesday but your list is so spot on. I hate hate hate bad grammar and unclear stakes so much. Also unreasonable anger … and when characters don’t say what they want.

  2. I’ve pretty much stopped reading fiction because I find a lot of the plots to be really stupid, or boring, or way too detail oriented. I much prefer memoirs these days, though I’m sure the grammar is not much better! It’s funny cause I can watch unrealistic movies all the time, but my tolerance for it in books is much lower.

  3. Oh man it is totally frustrating when characters don’t say what they want. I just read a book that the guy was dying to tell the girl something and she refused to let him so they had all these misunderstandings and it was making me crazy!

    Great list.

    My TTT List

  4. A big, resounding YES to bad grammar! I call myself a Grammar Nazi because I’m just that particular about it, so when I read books where there are missed words, improper punctuation or terrible grammar mistakes, I cringe.
    Great list!

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