Just One Dose

I had such a hard day recently– my anxiety levels were higher than usual (“usual” being not too bad for the last four years– thanks, ERP!).  I felt this strange depression, a strong desire to sleep, and a hovering sadness that wouldn’t lift.  My blood pressure felt through the roof, and the stress took a very physical toll on my body: by the time I crawled into bed for the night, my shoulders felt like cement blocks and my arms were throbbing with pain.

I realized that– while racing out the door that morning– I had not taken my Effexor XR or my Prozac.

Just one dose missed, and it was so terribly evident.

I have acknowledged that I may be on medication for the rest of my life, and I’m okay with it.  In fact, I’m quite protective over my right to take medication.

I read this awesome related post on the OCD Foundation’s blog recently.  And it turned out that Alison, the blogger, lives in Minneapolis … so we got coffee.*  Love my OCD community!

* And since then, we’ve accepted new roles at the Twin Cities affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (I’ll be the communications director)  … and have an event planned in Minneapolis for OCD awareness week!  Exciting!

prozac morning

7 thoughts on “Just One Dose

  1. Not to be thankful about a bad situation, but this lifted a little bit of the weight off my shoulders tonight. Your willingness to share so openly has been a balm for me feeling as if I’m the only one dealing with these things. Having difficulty with my medicine the last month and a half is taking such a huge toll on me as well, and seeing that makes me realize just how grateful I am that I can take it. Congrats on the director’s job! You’re going to be so amazing, they’re lucky to have you.

  2. From what I understand (and from my son’s experiences), Effexor XR is a particularly bad medication to skip or miss dosages. It’s amazing how you noticed such a difference just missing one dose. Dan eventually had to come off it and it is also known for being very difficult to wean off of (also very true for my son). Glad you are back on track and congrats on your new undertaking!

    • Ahhh, then that would make sense! The hardest drug I have ever “come off of” was clomipramine … going off it sunk me into the darkest depression I’ve ever experienced. Scary to know how powerful meds are!

      And thank you. 🙂

  3. Just an FYI… the half-life of Effexor is about 15 HOURS. (The time it takes the body to rid itself of half of the drug in the bloodstream). That is the med you probably experience withdrawal from when you miss a dose. The half-life of Prozac, by comparison, is 7-9 DAYS. 🙂

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