Books I Would Love To See As A Movie

Movies that are either in production or at least are surrounded by rumors of going into production:

The Magician’s Nephew | To my knowledge, this one has not yet been confirmed.  But I NEED it.

The Night Circus | This is going to be a sensory masterpiece.  David Heyman is producing!

The Book Thief | The release date was moved to November 15.  OHMYGOSH, there are PHOTOS on the IMDB site!  Fangirling right now.


The Fault in Our Stars | Nervous about the casting choices for this, but trying to have faith.  John Green approves!  In fact, of Shailene Woodley, he said, “Also loved what she did. She made me cry, and TFiOS-related things basically never make me cry, on account of how I know what’s going to happen and everything.”

Jellicoe Road | This is currently the most important adaptation to me.  It basically ALL hinges on whom they cast for Jonah Griggs.  Pictures of places they are scoping out for the movie here.


Books I Desperately Want to be Made into Movies:

The Sky is Everywhere | But I literally can’t picture an actor with a good enough smile to play Joe Fontaine.  Ideas?  OHMYGOSH, IMDB says it’s “in development.”


Saving Francesca | need Will Trombal to be on the big screen.  (Come to think of it, I think this one is actually going to happen!)

Piper’s Son | The answer is always “More Marchetta please.”

Lumatere Chronicles | We need the equivalent of young Eddie Redmayne for Finnikin.

young eddie

Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers | Come on.  A girl can dream, right?

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22 thoughts on “Books I Would Love To See As A Movie

  1. I *think* Selena Gomez is going to be in The Sky is Everywhere if it gets made…. IDK if I like that, but I’m excited to see how they adapt that book for a movie either way! They better pick someone awesome for Joe bc he is one of my favs. ever. TFIOS is being filmed near me and I so want to go down and try and be an extra! or at least scope out the house they are filming in right now!

    My TTT

  2. Baaah, I can hardly breathe from excitement and anxiety. Already started tearing up looking at The Book Thief PICTURES–how am I going to make it through the movie?! And when Truest is made into a movie, I want to be an extra!!! 😉

  3. Eddie Redmayne is DEFINITELY who I pictured as Finnikin. Le Sigh! Great list. I think Shailene will be an amazing Hazel Grace. I met her while visiting the set of Divergent, and she was so dedicated to both roles. The bad news about The Sky Is Everywhere is that Selena Gomez’ production company holds the option, but then she decided to do 13 Reasons Why instead, and now both are in a bit of a wait-and-see… It’s a shame, because both stories are excellent.

    Also, I don’t know why they don’t make Silver Chair or Horse and His Boy for the next Narnia movie. They’re more screen-friendly, without feeling like they need major changes to heighten the drama.

    Oh, and when Truest is a movie, can I be an extra or something? That would be phenomenal. K’thanks.

    • I agree with you, Stace– although I ADORE The Magician’s Nephew, the two you mentioned are just SUITED for a movie. Magician’s Nephew is going to have to see MAJOR plot changes to work as a movie. I’ve reconciled myself to it. 🙂

      And wouldn’t that be amazing– Truest, as a movie?!! I’d die!

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