Dear Diary

I thought I’d share a little bit about my real life as of late for those of you who are interested.

I just went on vacation with my ever-lovely friend Elyse.  A short trip into southern Wisconsin (with a minor accidental crossing into Illinois … stupid detour!) to stay at an old hardware store renovated into a neat little loft.  We made it our home for a few days, and we worked.  Elyse focused on blogging and reading while I did some writing, a little bit of blogging and reading, and a lot of research into my query letter and hook.  Having Elyse there was like having my own personal writing therapist.  SO. GOOD.  In the end, here’s my hook: “Summer romance, small-town secrets– and the darker side of philosophy.”

dear diarydear diary2

We also visited The House on the Rock while we were in Wisconsin.  Sensory overload– but of the best kind possible.  It’s essentially a three-part museum of weird collections: music machines, dollhouses, a few carousels.  An infinity room.  It was like pure fodder for two writers.  Awesome– and a little creepy at times.  So glad we went!

dear diary3

Ben, the editor I’ve been working with, finished the line edits to my novel!  So after I got back from Wisconsin, I took my manuscript to task, made loads of changes (mostly pretty small things– conservation of words, taking out lots of italics.  I go overboard on italics!).  Then, armed with my revised query letter and revised manuscript, I queried a series of literary agents yesterday.  (I don’t even really like to say so in case querying completely bombs– though one editor [a gal I met at the Big Sur workshop] asked to read the full manuscript already!)

Desiree’s wedding is less than a month away, and I’m so nervous I’m going to be an ugly bridesmaid.  This is causing a fair amount of stress in my life, which I detailed to my new psychiatrist last week before vacation.  It’s weird to have a new psychiatrist, but it’s necessary since my hero Dr. Suck Won Kim retired last September.  The new doctor seems quite brilliant though, and together we are devising a slight change to my medication regime to allow me to sleep better.  (Has anyone had any success with Trazodone?  I’m terribly sensitive to it– the first time I tried it, I slept through four alarms and into the afternoon, oops!)  The new doctor thinks if I dissolve half a pill in four oz. of water, then drink just one oz. that might be my right dosage.  Definitely willing to try!

How I'm hoping my hair looks for the wedding

How I’m hoping my hair looks for the wedding

Now that I’ve queried several agents, it’s time to play the waiting game: YUCK.  Therefore, I’m going to start a new project right away.  Yes, that’s right– you heard it here first.  I’m diving into writing a new novel first draft before grad school starts in January.  Am I insane?

On the roommate front, I met a new girl named Chelsea who is moving into the apartment in September!  She came over to the apartment to check it out and so that we could meet.  It went well, and on her way out the door, she glanced at a bookshelf, and said, “Is that The Last Unicorn?  I love that book!”  It was meant to be.

Hmmm, what else, what else?  Northwestern College successfully made its transition to University of Northwestern!

dear diary4

That’s all for today, folks!



16 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. We are at similar stages. I recently took a writing retreat where I finished the third draft of my spiritual memoir. I am going to a writer’s workshop where they will do a critique of my query and synopsis. And, get this, I get a 3-minute face-to-face pitch to an agent. It isn’t until July 27, so I’m not even going to let myself start preparing until July 24. I know I’ll obsess over it for 72 straight hours once I start.

    I definitely think writing something new is a good idea while you wait, but might suggest something like flash fiction or a short story. Especially if you’re starting grad school. Whatever you decide, I pray it goes well. 🙂

  2. your loft looked awesome! you will be a gorgeous bridesmaid, love the hair!!! so excited about your writing stuff!!! and love your italics addiction! can’t believe how much tweeking can go into medications. what a headache, but praying you find something that works for you! Love the update deetie!!! can’t wait to find your book at Barnes and Noble and yell to everyone around me “This is my SISTER!!!” 🙂

  3. I bet you’ll be a beautiful bridesmaid!! And congratulations on all the progress with your writing that’s sooo exciting. And trazadone worked well for me, can’t remember the dosage but I wasn’t sensitive to it at all. I hope you find the right balance so that you get a restful night’s sleep 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I hope so– sooooo ready for the wedding to be over and done!

      Glad to hear that Trazodone worked for you– I’m hoping a (much) lower dosage will work for me too. I was awake till 2am last night and then slept fitfully till 6. 😦

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