Love in the form of Story

One of the ways I experience God’s love is in my enjoyment of story.

Does that make any sense?

What I mean is that when I lie awake in bed at night with ideas, characters, and stories tripping capriciously through my mind, I feel like God’s beloved.  When I read incredible writing that makes my brain fizz and my fingers itch, I feel confident that God is good and that He loves me deeply.  Why else would he offer me something so unfathomably beautiful?

Beauty, period.  Why invent loveliness, color, sound, except out of sheer grace?

And for me, story.  The delight of it all is like a resting place.




8 thoughts on “Love in the form of Story

  1. Love your thoughts, Jackie! Beauty is more and more a path of experiencing God for me, especially in my reading and writing.

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  3. Jackie, I’d never thought about having enjoyment and happiness in the everyday things in life or in my calling as a way that God reveals His love to me. Thank you for sharing this. The world has been expanding wider and wider for me lately as I realize more and more ways that God works and expresses Himself! LOVING IT!

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