My Auto-Buy Authors

I will buy anything these writers put out, without having read a review, let alone the actual book.  In fact, I will probably pre-order it the moment I hear a rumor of something new:

pre-ordered with love  six months out

pre-ordered with love
six months out

Billy Collins (heck, I have his new book pre-ordered already and it’s not due out for another six months!)

Melina Marchetta

John Green

David Sedaris (his latest Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls just arrived in the mail today … another pre-order!)

Donald Miller

Jandy Nelson

Who are your auto-buy authors?

10 thoughts on “My Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Lynn Austin is probably my only auto-buy author… For some reason, I’m more willing to pre-order music as opposed to books (no idea why). I pre-ordered the latest CDs from Michael Buble and Josh Groban months in advance and will do the same for Scotty McCreery.

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