Duck Duck Gray Duck

I love Minnesota.

I love the people.  I love the long Os.  I love that we’re the only state that calls the game “Duck Duck Gray Duck” instead of “Duck Duck Goose.”  I love the midwestern friendliness and how fast people talk.  I love the small towns, like Kimball, where I grew up.  And I love the big cities, like Minneapolis, where I live now.

It’s true that our winters get dangerously cold.  People seem to have a lot of road rage.  The mosquitos are the size of small birds.  Oh, and we’ve perfected the art of passive-aggressiveness.

But it’s home.

Did you know that the Twin Cities has more cultural arts opportunities per capita than anywhere in the US besides New York City?  We’ve been named the Most Hipster State in the US.  We’re the third happiest state.  And we’ve got so much water!  The Land of 10,000 Lakes actually has almost 12,000.

I love living here.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes in the middle of a blizzard or when my car hits the black ice.  But it really is great.

What do you love best about where you live?

minnesota love

6 thoughts on “Duck Duck Gray Duck

  1. I really love MN… The Scandinavian roots, MN Niceness, arts in the Twin Cities, the whole North Shore, pop versus soda… Love it 🙂

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