I am thankful for

the sacrificial death and mighty resurrection of Jesus Christ | my parents and siblings and the fun we have together | being rescued in my life over and over and over again | CBT | the writing life | my roommate Desiree | Nutella | my little sweeties Emma, Ava, and Elsie | Northwestern College | my co-workers | my bestie Eir | The Chronicles of Narnia | Silas Hart | the gift of creativity | all my dear friends* | great books | great opportunities | the Holy Bible | lunches with Elyse | Facebook | online shopping | Friday nights | Trinity City Church | Pine Haven | sliced apples | Etsy

And you?

*It’s always hard to name names in something like this because I have a million people that I adore, and I know I will always leave someone out.  That said, I will say that I am grateful for coffee dates with Ashley and internet chats with Kristin Luehr.  I love being a total nerd with Dora and meeting up with Anna to write.  I love Tracy’s sense of humor and Cindy’s deep way of thinking (and all the writing feedback!).  I miss Megs’s infectious laughter.  Des, I love being your roomie and friend, and I am so grateful for all the chats we have before your early bedtime!  Eir, you are a true delight.  Elyse, a ten-hour conversation wouldn’t be long enough.  Cait, our unfiltered friendship is totally weird and wonderful.  I am so blessed to know Brooke and Lauren and Stacey and Mary and Jessica and Brittane and my writing group and all my lovely former roommates.  The Voye girls are like a medicine to me.  And everyone else who wasn’t mentioned by name, I love you too!  God has truly blessed this writer with an amazing and encouraging community!

6 thoughts on “I am thankful for

  1. Oh Jackie, you are wonderful… I feel so special and blessed to be on your list. I am thankful for you every single day. I walk away from our talks (which are always far too brief) feeling uplifted, encouraged, and loved. You are joy medicine to me, dear friend and kindred spirit. Love you!

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