writing as a spiritual act

Once my writing instructor showed me a book, the spine of it flat like a bridge with a steep slope on each side, and said, “A lot of times we feel that walking in God’s will is like this, a skinny path that we have to walk carefully or else we’ll slip easily out of it.  But I think it’s more like this.”  She flipped the book around and opened it, so that the pages formed a sort of valley into the creased center of the book.  “We are safer than we think.”

What I know is that when I am writing I feel safe inside the will of God, as if I am walking in that crease, protected on either side in a way that actually guides me along the path.  Writing is this safe and holy valley for me.

To write, you have to think, to risk, to intuit, to listen– and so, after I write, I feel as though I have spent time with God.  As if he has taken my hand and reminded me, This is what I made you for, as I explore the world with him.

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