My talk therapist Linda was this kind, gentle, aunt-like sweetheart who loved Jesus and would speak truth over me and pray for me.  I absolutely adored her.

But I was not getting better.

I decided to try out cognitive-behavioral therapy instead.

For those of you who don’t know, this was like stepping from a sweet-smelling meadow into a desolate hell.

My cognitive-behavioral therapist Chris was tough, straightforward, insistent, and unmoved.  And he asked me to do what I thought was essentially impossible.  Idetestedhim.

But this time, I got better.

A year and a half later, I would finally send a thank-you email to Chris Donahue, who had made my life miserable for twelve weeks but to whom I am eternally grateful.  God used him and his no-nonsense ways to unlock my prison.

Now, I am not anti-talk therapy, but I am very pro-CBT.  My feelings in this matter can be summed up best by the title of an Elvis song: “A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please.”

If you suffer from OCD, listen to me: get yourself to a cognitive-behavioral therapist.  Aside from the mighty hand of God, CBT is your quickest ticket to freedom.

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  1. Excellent advice and so true. My son Dan’s OCD was exacerbated by talk therapy…..really, the last thing people with OCD need to do is to rehash their fears over and over……….CBT is the way to go!

  2. Ha ha ha. I love the reference to the Elvis song. Very creative and very appropriate! Yep, I did regular talk therapy too, many years ago. While it was helpful from the standpoint of dealing with relational issues with other people, it did nothing for the OCD. And yes, at first, CBT was pretty horrific. BUT, it absolutely does get better and now doing any kind of exposure is not nearly as painful. It’s like my body adjusted to it and when I do an exposure now, my mind and body are like, “Oh, yeah, that’s all you got? Piece of cake!” Any time my anxiety spikes now, it doesn’t spike as high, nor does it last as long. Love that!

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