Try Softer by Aundi Kolber

This book was so meaningful and life-changing for me. I think it’s required reading for just about everybody: if you had a hard childhood, if you’ve experienced any form of trauma (little t or Big T), if stress or anxiety seem to be setting up shop in your body.


Unlike some other self-help books I’ve read, Try Softer really shows the science behind what is happening in the brain and body when we are outside our window of tolerance. And yet, it doesn’t feel clinical. It feels like having coffee with the wisest, gentlest mentor.


This book reminded me of the importance of the body and helped me love mine more. It helped me understand more about chronic illness too. And trauma.


It’s just a brilliant book and this review can’t come close to explain just how important this book has been to me. ♥️


20/5 stars

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