Was talking to @asherinley tonight about how long story ideas “percolate” in my mind and realized I’ve been thinking about these sisters since I was in high school, maybe even junior high. Let’s say 25 years ago.

The idea is just a seed for the longest time. In the back of my head. With enough watering (curiosity, creativity, literature, wonder), the seed grows. After months (or years, in this case), the vines creep forward, slowly picking up details, until it is at the forefront of my mind, and those sisters have names, motivations, interests, and conflicts.

And here I thought I couldn’t keep a plant alive!!

📸: @coffeewithjoshua via @unsplash

1 thought on “Vine

  1. I can relate to this. Just starting writing something that’s been in my mind for 13 years! I’m finally ready to mold it into being.

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