Behind the Scenes

I’m reading a book that says to show my life behind-the-scenes. I already try to be very real and sometimes vulnerable on social media, but here’s my recommitment to it in 2021.


So here are a few glimpses of me behind-the-scenes:


I need A LOT of rest. A lot a lot. Once or twice a month, I will stay in bed all day. (Today was one of those days… Slept till 2 pm, though sometimes it’s 4 or 5. Oh, and I sleep all night then too.)


I often have to revert to my student-brain to get work done. I make myself a syllabus for writing. I create to-do lists daily, weekly, monthly, and for most weekends.


I’d prefer to surprise people with success than to admit failure, so I sometimes downplay my opportunities or mention them only casually. For example, my novel has been in the hands of six different publishers since October. Four rejections so far. I’d rather just shut up until I have good news, but then again, I hate it when others’ social media is just a greatest hits roll.


There’s a view of the woman behind the curtain today! What questions do you have? What other behind-the-scenes things would you like me to post about?


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