Spoon Management

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It's gonna be a good/long/happy/difficult week. New students are moving in and starting orientation on Friday and Saturday. In a normal year, this is such a tremendous celebration, especially for admissions… A year or more of hard work and problem solving and relationship-building all coming together. . It will be different this year. Still exciting. Still rewarding. I'm thrilled for the new students and the life-changing adventures before them. But orientation is marked with social distancing and masks and other signs of COVID and its uncertainty. And it will take longer, require more energy. More spoons. . My goal for the week is spoon management. For those of you unfamiliar with spoon theory, I'm referring to how I spend a limited amount of energy. . My mind is racing with revision ideas, my heart is battling perfectionism, my soul is embracing deep relationships. I'm blessed. Here we go. . #blog #writer #writing #writinglife #author #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #courageovercomfort #courage #enneagram4 #enneagram4w3 #4w3 #cultivatewhatmatters #2020goals #ambition #JesuJuva2020 #radicalacceptance #editing #revisions #SaltNovel #bookresearch #enrollment #recruitment #collegeadmissions #admissions

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