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Critique is hard for me. Not because I'm scared of revisions or hard work, but it triggers an emotional response (and sometimes panic). . On the flip side, I love critique. It pushes me past the boundaries of my own talent and ideas. . It's two sides of the same coin, but I have to essentially prepare myself. I heard somewhere that to be a good writer you have to have a thick skin but to be a good writer you can't have a thick skin. It's okay if you have to reread that. . Today my chronic fatigue is flared, and my body is really struggling with the transition to working back on campus after five months at home. My friends are having hard days and I want to make everything right. My agent emailed me feedback on my manuscript. COVID feels heavy. I've been irritable with people I love. My therapist is out of town. . All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. This is not toxic positivity. This is faith after a history of rescues bigger than any I've needed today. . Excuse me, I need (even more) sleep. . #blog #writer #writing #writinglife #author #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #courageovercomfort #courage #enneagram4 #enneagram4w3 #4w3 #cultivatewhatmatters #2020goals #ambition #JesuJuva2020 #radicalacceptance #editing #revisions #SaltNovel #critique #critiqueishard #writingcritique #spoonielife #spoonie #spooniewhowrites #spooniewriter

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