I resonated with what @drjoshuawolrich wrote earlier this week about why he so often posts selfies. Because they’re easy image content and the writing is what is important to him. Same for me.
Usually. Sometimes I’m impressed with my eye makeup.
But yeah, selfies are fast photo content and allow me to spend my time and energy with the words.
I will say that as someone who has struggled with body image, posting selfies can also be therapeutic. And I’ve also been trying to post “undone” selfies too, because vulnerability is more important to me than perception. (That’s why I have a highlight reel on insta called “imperfect.” It’s critical to me that I not let my social media become a way to hide the hard things.)
Anyway, here’s another selfie. I’m so glad to be home after four days of dog-sitting in my parents’ house. As a child I never felt unsafe there in the farmhouse out in the quiet countryside. As an adult who has watched far too many crime shows, I felt like it was the perfect location for a murder that would never be solved.
Home now. 😁
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