Let me begin by saying that I am privileged to have a lovely, safe home; two meaningful careers; and so much support.
But being a homeowner has been a slog in 2019. My HOA began a huge project in May that resulted in an upheaval of my life and finances until October.
As the light was beginning to appear at the end of that tunnel, an obstructed drain in my basement overflowed in early August and moved the chaos and upheaval of life and finances indoors.
I am emotional even as I write now about having my space, my home, be turned upside down for eight months. It has taken an emotional toll.
Tomorrow the basement bathroom will be (mostly) finished. I’m so tired. I’m so relieved. I can’t stop sobbing thinking about getting my home to be a space I feel good about, safe in, a place to support my creative goals instead of press back against them.
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