Salt & Selfishness


I’m working on Salt Novel regularly; it simultaneously feels great and difficult. I have a timeline/beat sheet, and yet, as I move forward, it keeps feeling off. I need to change it based on having revised the first two-thirds of the novel. Also: WOW. I’ve revised two-thirds of a novel that terrified me for a year and a half. “Stuck” isn’t a permanent location anymore; it’s a resting place for me to pray for what comes next.


I am reading Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite songwriters, perhaps my favorite songwriter– period. He’s got me thinking about selfish art and selfless art, about getting out of the way for God to use it and about what my artistic partnership with God looks like. I talked it out with my therapist today, but I need to pray about it too. I guess it’s a good think I’m in Stucksville for the night.

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