What a week.
I was sick (of the office bug kind, which was a semi-welcome semi-relief from the chronic kind), I had hard conversations (some without resolution), watched a Netflix docu about the brain, worked on #saltnovel, and spent much of it (and this whole month actually) like a tall glass full of emotion that needs to be fully emptied out but really only manages to have the excesses overflow the edges. Remaining persistently full is draining. I need a good, cathartic cry-fest.
Swipe right to see the screenshot I took recently of @tanfrance’s Insta. I’m trying to start my day saying, “I woke up today as Jackie Sommers. POWER MOVE.” 😂 But seriously, just the idea of knowing myself and my identity IS a power move. One step at a time to being fully, truly myself.

I am full of hope, fear, restlessness, creativity, humor, compassion, and sleepiness. Humans are so complicated, aren’t we? It’s beautiful.
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