When reevaluating my goals for the rest of 2019, I decided to make a wild choice: to quit being so terrible to myself. What if I just… QUIT? Quit with the negative self talk, quit with the shame, and just CHOSE confidence, or at least chose to fake confidence.
Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s bravery in spite of fear. What if I treated confidence the same way? Not the absence of insecurity, but boldness in spite of it. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone else.
There is some evidence that “fake it till you make it” works (with caveats). And stigma and shame are not motivating. So, let’s see. A six-month experiment. Come January 1st, let’s see how I feel about my body, my writing, myself.
I already feel freedom. How fitting to decide this while celebrating Independence Day.
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3 thoughts on “InstaThoughts

  1. Don’t fake it. Only one you are fooling is yourself. You look awesome. You are a great writer. To gain confidences. Do something special for Jackie. Never shame yourself. You are a very fine person. God loves you.

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