Do people still read blogs?

It’s a legit question.

I used to follow something like 200 blogs. It’s how I started every day– going through all the new posts. I haven’t done that in a long while– basically, life got too crazy and something had to give. But I wonder if that is true for everyone. A group I’m in on Facebook was discussing the decline/downfall of the blog.

I’m not getting rid of my website or anything. It’s cathartic for me to have an online place to share. Plus I know people access my OCD materials daily. I just wonder how this site will shift in the coming years.

We shall see.

Life lately: good, hard, heartbreaking, rewarding, full of laughter, full of tears.

So, the usual. 🙂

If you still regularly read this blog, leave me a comment! Consider it a mini marketing research study.

xo jack






14 thoughts on “Do people still read blogs?

  1. yup, still read… I actually just updated my blog. whoopsy! lol! couldn’t even figure out what my password was to post (in case you can’t tell I HATE passwords!)

  2. I ask myself this question all the time. I lost almost all my readers a long time ago. Yours is one of the only blogs I still read! Keep the honesty and emotions coming! xoxo

  3. Your blog has been one of the most helpful sites I’ve read these past few months about OCD. Through a link on your blog, I found a wonderful therapist. Don’t stop writing.

  4. I always read your blog posts, Jackie. You offer a unique combination of experiences in writing, OCD, online dating (!), and miscellany, and you’re always honest.

  5. Still reading for sure! Yours is pretty much the only blog I subscribe to. I’m also technologically challenged so I have the old-school email updates every time you post. ❤ Love having those reminders pop up that tell me you’ve got something new!

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