37 Lessons

371. Humility and vulnerability are key to leadership.

2. On this green earth, I will always be a work in progress.

3. There are so many more shades of gray than I ever imagined.

4. Grace, grace, grace: be generous with it, both for myself and for others.

5. Love is messy.

6. Carefully choose which hills are worth dying on.

7. Quit pretending like you don’t have issues and start working through them.

8. Everyone has issues.

9. I am good company, on my own.

10. “‘No’ is a complete sentence.” (Anne Lamott)

11. Boundaries are amazing.

12. Get a great mattress.

13. Required reading: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

14. Create a list of your guiding principles; refer to this often. I keep mine posted in my office and perpetually ask myself how I am exhibiting the four characters I’ve named most important in my life: grace, creativity, humility, faithfulness.

15. Invest in health.

16. Treat yo’ self.

17. You will absolutely not win the contests you don’t enter. Enter, ask, risk.

18. Freedom begets freedom.

19. Cultivate your own intuition. Compassionately push to hear more when you believe there is more to be heard.

20. Love things with incredible passion, especially the things others think are weird. My dad cries when he watches Triple Crown winner Secretariat’s Belmont Stakes race, and I love him wildly for this.

21. Kitten videos on Instagram are their own type of medicine.

22. Vitamin D and fish oil. Start now.

23. Find songs that make you cry and let them leech pain out of you.

24. Ask for what you need. I have had friends come over to sit with me while I read hard emails or open intimidating mail. This was small for them and huge for me.

25. Do things that make your own story more meaningful. (Required reading: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller)

26. Vote. If you are a Christian, let the gospel guide your vote, not a party allegiance.

27. The body remembers trauma. Be kind.

28. Makeup can be battle paint; use it however you need.

29. Be careful with armor.

30. Compliments and encouragement cost nothing– give them out generously.

31. Take all measures to work through and eliminate shame.

32. Shitty first drafts and short assignments. (Required reading; Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott)

33. Quit saying “fat.”

34. Naps can be holy. (Shout-out to Judith Hougen!)

35. Required reading: everything by Melina Marchetta.

36. Be intentional with people. Who in your life means so much that you will put in the extra effort?

37. Listen and learn.



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