You know, a lifeline.

That’s apparently how I’m using my blog tonight. Thanks for reading.

I finished a couple books in the last week, and they were both sequels. Good, interesting, well written, but just not everything I wanted. I will probably never write series … first, it’s gotta be so hard to continue putting your characters through pain; secondly, it’s too easy to compare the books to one another.

I feel like a crummy friend, bad coworker, lazy writer, all of these in a body that seems to always be pissed at the world. No matter how much time I spend with the word chronic, I keep somehow waiting to get over it, to feel better.

Have you guys watched the second season of Queer Eye yet? I cry basically every episode. I want the Fab Five to come fix my life. I want Tan France to be my friend and ask deep questions and get my clothes tailored.

I feel like I have all these things I haven’t announced yet on my blog, but they probably wont be earth-shaking to anyone else but me. I’m rambling now, aren’t I? It’s the lifeline, baby.

I have to put the laundry in the dryer. Herculean efforts.

Ok, did it. I’m gonna get some extra rest tonight; clearly my body is screaming for it.

Two questions:

1. What should I read next, any suggestions?

2. What’s the best life advice you’ve ever been given? Pretend you’re my life coach and pass it along in the comments, will ya?

1 thought on “Phone-a-Friend

  1. I don’t see your posts until the following Monday, so I’m always late, but what do you want to read next? BEAUTIFUL RUINS, BLOOD WATER PAINT, and ONE TRUE LOVES are written by a poet, a playwright, and a TV writer and are all EXCELLENTLY WRITTEN with strong characters amd great language and compelling stories but are also very different in terms of concept and setting.

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