One More Thing

I gotta get my butt in the seat. To work on this novel, I mean.

I read online that Maggie Stiefvater wrote her first published novel from 2-4 pm on Wednesdays. Butt-in-seat adds up to a finished book– it’s simple math.

There have been one thousand distractions since last fall– diagnoses and treatments, contract issues, online dating lows (and highs!)– but I think it’s time to start clocking some time in front of the manuscript.

It won’t be like it used to be– for years, I was able to write daily; for years, I wrote so many hours in a weekend. But it doesn’t have to be. Showing up from 2-4 pm on Wednesdays results in a book if you show up for enough Wednesdays. Thank you, Maggie, for reminding me of that.

This week I will show up. Next week, I’ll report how it went.

xo Jack


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