Oh, just an update.

I stopped taking that med. 

I called my doctor and said, “Do I need to taper off or can I quit cold-turkey?” I did not give an option for staying on it. She said there was no need to taper, so I’m done.

Tomorrow I’m seeing both my psychiatrist and my rheumatologist to check in and see if I need any other changes. Sadly, the “lab rat” aspect of finding the right medication is one I’m ultra familiar with.

I already feel like I’m back in control of my moods. AMEN. It’s such a bizarre feeling to theoretically know that something isn’t worth the tears but to NOT. BE. ABLE. to stop bawling. To feel like a total failure over the smallest things.

No. Yuck. I am not a failure. I have multiple illnesses, and I persist in finding treatment. That’s not failure. That’s success.


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