A Third Way

To the left, a hard choice. To the right, its difficult twin. Neither calls to me. Both are heavy.

I keep being led to scripture passages about God doing his own THANG. Chains falling off Peter’s wrists. God lighting a water-drenched altar on fire… and the fire CONSUMING THE WATER IN THE TRENCH AROUND IT.

Immediately after that story, Elijah tells Ahab he hears the sound of rain. At this point, there has been a drought for something like three years. He sends Ahab away, then climbs a mountain, then bows down with his face between his knees. Praying? I don’t know, but I suspect. He asks a servant to go look toward the sea. Servant sees nothing. He tells the servant to go check again ANOTHER SEVEN TIMES. Finally, the servant says, “A little cloud like a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” And it storms.

Point being? I don’t know. Well, maybe I do. There’s so much here that challenges me. The faith to declare the rain is coming long before there is any sign of it. The persistence. The mighty, out-of-the-box works of God. Faced with two choices I am unsure of, I am asking God for a third way, for him to do his own thing. Then asking again. Another seven times.

Not that there is anything magical about that number. I just want to be persistent and expectant, keeping my eyes peeled for a little cloud that will change everything.

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