The Salvation of Metaphor

Forgive me for being vague. It’s out of necessity. Instead of the details, I will share with you the metaphor I used in describing it earlier to a friend.

I said, “Picture me as a prisoner who has been unfairly locked up. I’ve finally reached the day of my release, only to find out that my options are to either return to my cell or else work for the bad guys on the outside responsible for my imprisonment.”

My friend said, “Is there no way out?”

And in that moment, this is what came to mind.

This is describing the God I believe in, people.

So I am going to pray. Watch. Wait for the chains to fall off and the iron gate to open. There are more than just two options when dealing with a God this big.

I keep returning to verse 7 though: getting struck in the side by angel sounds painful.

Not sure if/how that will enter into my metaphor, but I am grateful for the support of the most incredible friends.

Earlier today, during a nap meant to avoid thinking about my situation, I dreamed that my friend Rachel saved me twice– once from a full-on weird undercover operative, once by paying for my Chipotle when I found myself without my purse. Tonight I texted her that I was lonely and I wouldn’t even ask for her to save me except that she already had in my dream.

Rachel’s response: “I’ll grab Chipotle and come sit with you. Text me your order.”

For the most part, I don’t believe in coincidence.

4 thoughts on “The Salvation of Metaphor

  1. “There are more than just two options when dealing with a God this big.”
    Needed this.
    Lately it feels like God keeps closing each new door in a windowless room. There’s no way out, no direction forward.
    Other times we would saw through the ground with our friends and let them lower us into Jesus’ healing power.
    This time even our friends feel helpless. So we wait for deus ex machina. For God to spring from a trap door in the ceiling and rescue us.

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