Dear Diary: 10 Random Things

I don’t have the bandwidth to format this post, so just enjoy this list of random thoughts.

1. I found out I have psoriatic arthritis. How wild it is that after over a decade of wrist/hand/arm pain, chiropractors, doctors, hand specialists, ergonomics, stretches, and gallons of Biofreeze … it would be a dermatologist who would finally figure it out? Well, the dermatologist in partnership with a rheumatologist. Most of the time psoriasis first presents itself as a rash and later can get into the joints. For me, it was joints first, so we never knew. Till now.

2. This lotion is the best ever. It works fast, isn’t greasy at all (I can even use it on my face), and smells like some heavenly mixture of clean air and warm light and a drop of vanilla and lemon. It’s not a “fragrance” or “scent.” Just an incredible product that happens to smell delicious.

3. One of my favorite people got married yesterday. I wrote a poem for her and her new hubby and read it in the ceremony. I loooooovvvved my dress. And shoes.

Bria and Justin, you are a #kilonova … love you x 100000000.

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4. I’ve been doing the online dating thing for 14 months now. My friend’s wedding was such a great reminder to me that it’s imperative I don’t relax my standards. I truly want to be best friends with the man I marry someday.

5. I think I will have new news in my writing life soon. Send prayers, good thoughts, etc.!

6. Feeling very blessed to work at the University of Northwestern. What a joy it is to work with high school students and then see them succeed in college and beyond. And at a school as small as ours, we really do get to watch them grow. They make my heart so proud; they really do.


7. I like being a woman who isn’t scared to wear bold lipstick. This is Nyx Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe. I hope it show up right on your screen. (It does on my phone, but not my comp! If it’s not a bright orangey-red, you’re missing the full effect.) 😉

8. Creativity takes courage. In Tribe of Mentors, I read “Courage is more important than confidence.”

9. It also said, “You won’t take a bullet for pleasure or power, but you will for meaning.” I need to think about that.


10. I just finished reading Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman (review

strange the dreamer

to come soon! spoiler: loved it!). What should I read next? The Becoming of Noah Shaw? The Sun is Also a Star? Strange the Dreamer?

I think I just answered my own question. Laini Taylor, here I come!

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