OCD Vows & Promises

Wow, I wish this article had been available to me back in 1997.

What Every OCD Sufferer Should Know About Vows and Promises: http://ow.ly/CguX30hM2wK

3 thoughts on “OCD Vows & Promises

  1. I struggle with this very issue and till the last months had never heard of ocd or others struggling with this so it’s in ways comforting to realize I’m not alone but also I’ve had a huge relapse into obsessing about promises. I love Brain Lock but I wonder how specifically can I do the 4R’s when these intrusive thoughts come. I’m constantly so worried they’re binding and I’m afraid I’m disobeying Scripture. How do you cope when you feel an intrusive thought to make a promise or worry about past intrusive thoughts about promises? The verse about keeping rash vows in Ecc has been so so scary for me. I love Jesus so much and I want my mind clear again to live freely for Him but I have this fear I’m sabotaging my own life because when ever I think of anything I love or even the things God has called me to this obsession arises. Then I feel guilty and anxious even though I do continue on with my life. I just hate feeling that way.

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