Happy Thanksgiving and all that. 🙂

What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is my baby sister being born 33 years ago!

kristin baby

What a joy she is and what a stinker she has been! Ha!

kristin and jackie2

Although a three-year gap now seems like nothing, and we have become the dearest of friends, I remember when that three-year gap meant that I felt like the too-cool (HA!) senior in high school who didn’t want the freshman hanging around. Although we did need to join forces to fight against the violent being that dwelt in our home. (Um, that’d be our baby brother.)

Deetie, you make me so happy and so proud. You are my biggest fan, are the most dedicated person I know, and so funny (or so I’ve heard from Mom: “She’s funny!). 😉

kristin2I love all our memories from sharing a room– Princess Pat, Janet Jackson, decorating our walls and ceiling (your half Backstreet Boys and Hanson; my half Beatles and Hanson), reading by the amber light (not to mention the “shut the light off!!!!” from Kevin or the “I’m still here” from Dad). And I love that we continue to make memories, now as dear friends instead of just closet prisoners (no, literally: our brother would trap us in our closet).

Thank you for all the support, the prayers, and for truly understanding our introvert ways. I love you, I love you, I love you. Happy 33rd, Kristin Ann!



1 thought on “thirty-three

  1. reading the “i’m still here” just gave shivers…… wow our dad was so scary! Even though our idea of scaring him back wasn’t so scary. Us kids hide behind the fridge every day when dad comes home from work and yell “Boo!” dad’s reaction in a monotone way “Don’t scare me like that!” LOL! for the longest time growing up I couldn’t BELIEVE that our dad was honestly scared every time we did that! ha!

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