The Long Journey … to the Starting Line

It’s been almost 5 years since I first posted this, so in the part where it says, “Five years later, I still am [giddy with freedom]” … well, now it’s nearly ten years. Am I still giddy with freedom? You bet.


"Cross That Line" by xLadyDaisyx on deviantArt “Cross That Line” by xLadyDaisyx on deviantArt

It is SO HARD for OCD sufferers to be correctly diagnosed and then find the right treatment and a good cognitive-behavioral therapist.  In fact, it takes an average of 14-17 years for someone to access effective treatment.

That stat stings my heart.  I feel it deeply because of my own personal struggle.

I developed a sudden onset of OCD at the age of 7.  I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD until I was 22.  I started ERP (exposure and response prevention) therapy at 27.  That’s twenty years, folks– fifteen just till diagnosis alone.

Growing up, I just assumed that I “thought too much”– was an “overthinker” and especially sensitive to issues of morality. I didn’t understand that other people were also undergoing the same doubts as I was but were able to move past them with ease.  I, on the other hand, would get…

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4 thoughts on “The Long Journey … to the Starting Line

  1. Hooray! I think no one can appreciate how badly we suffer from the torment of severe OCD. But on the other hand, i don’t think anyone can appreciate the freedom we experience and cherish, once we have found proper treatment.

  2. One year after my OCD got bad, it feels awesome to be here- on the other side!! ❤ I personally got CBT, and it was life changing. Thank goodness such treatments exist, and mean we can experience relief!!

  3. I don’t recall reading this post; but I’m so glad I have now! It’s so sad to know that some people will suffer for most of their life, thinking something is wrong with them, before they actually can put a name on it. And THEN maybe a few more years before they get the best help.
    Though I don’t know you personally, I’m so sorry for what you had to go through all these years. I know the feeling. It’s hard because most people around us don’t know what we’re going through. We feel so alone. Four years after my diagnosis, I’m only starting to see my life going somewhere. I’m embracing everyday, after what I’ve been through for 4 years. And I hope you’re doing it, too.
    Thank you for all the amazing and encouraging posts, I will never say it enough. ❤

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