*Special Opportunity for MN Therapists*

Exciting news! OCD Twin Cities has reserved three spots at the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), an in-depth three-day intensive training course in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). That means we can send three licensed therapists from Minnesota to the November training in Houston (November 3-5).

If you’re a Minnesota therapist who’d like to treat OCD, or who does treat OCD but would like specialized training, and you’re interested in applying for this scholarship, please email Alison Dotson, OCD Twin Cities president, at info@ocdtc.org.

And if you know of a therapist who might be interested, consider passing this along!

P.S. OCD Twin Cities is especially interested in sending therapists from rural areas, where it is harder to find an ERP/CBT specialist. If you’re living in such an area and have a therapist who would like specialized training in ERP/CBT, please please please encourage them to respond to this opportunity.

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