Ways to Be Rescued

Yesterday, my friend rush-mailed me TEN POUNDS of junk food, no joke. And four of my favorite kiddos on earth performed an impromptu variety show, replete with dances, songs (including an on-the-spot, patriotic diddy about the American flag), and magic tricks that may have included stipulations like “okay, close your eyes now”).

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for all the lovely people in my life who just surround me with love and grace and encouragement and scaffolding. Friends who are willing to lift me from the pit … or to just crawl into it with me. Friends who I know would literally take on my burdens if it was possible, who would opt to suffer themselves instead of having me go through it.

I am reminded how alone I am NOT. Thank you.

I see the sun has come out today. That’s nice. That’s good.

sun out.jpg


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