A Week Away

I just spent the week up in Duluth in the cutest little condo penthouse suite (see my Instagram for a little tour!). I didn’t do everything on my to-do list, but I did do a lot. And now it’s 1:14 am, and I check out in the morning, and I think I’m stalling on going to sleep because that means my vacation is over. 🙂

This week I …

  • wrote two blog posts, updated a few things on my blog, and figured out how to use an app called IFTTT (If This, Then That) … more on this soon
  • completely rewrote the first four chapters of my novel (not just revisions– this is new material, a whole new take on it)
  • brainstormed SO MUCH
  • finished reading one book and read half of another
  • rested, prayer, and spent plenty of time in the jacuzzi
  • wrote letters
  • went through the usual highs and lows I experience in solitude (“I am killing this writing life! … I totally suck as a writer; I’m such a fraud … Maybe I will get there … Actually, this is coming together! … No, it’s not … But it might!”)

Tomorrow I’ll pack up, meet my friend Kyle for coffee, and head home. And the best part is that it’s a holiday weekend, so I don’t have to return immediately to work! So grateful for this week. I learned a lot about my book, myself, and how to push through writing barriers.

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