THE PULL: Author Jackie Lea Sommers

I was interviewed by a lovely group of young journalists at a local university. Here were some of the things I said that stood out to them.

By Arts & Culture Staff | Edited by Kellie Lawless | Photos by Carlo Holmberg

Logo_ThePull_HudallaJackie Lea Sommers graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul with a degree in creative writing. After working in the UNW Admissions office on the weekdays, she would spend her evenings and weekends writing what would become her debut novel, Truest. Her novel deals with issues of faith and mental illness, something that Sommers struggled with for over 20 years until she found treatment.

Sommers lives in Minneapolis and is working on her second novel that is expected to be published in fall 2018. She visited Bethel University’s ENW360 Topics: Art and Culture Reporting class to tell stories about her struggle with OCD, her journey to publishing her first novel, and how they are closely intertwined.

Look for more about Sommers on a future episode of Witty Ranter, The Clarion’s podcast. But for now, read…

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3 thoughts on “THE PULL: Author Jackie Lea Sommers

  1. Couldn’t leave a reply on ”Dear 16 year old me”, but today was one of these days where I needed to read such a hopeful message. You have no idea how your posts can give me the little rub on the back that I’ve needed for a while. It’s hard to talk about these things to relatives or friends.I’m kinda walking down memory lane right now, nostalgia and some stuff are hard. But to read your blog; it’s nice. ❤ I've always loved writing and girl, you make me want to do so even more. God – bless – you ! ❤

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