This & That

First of all, the winner of the Rupi Kaur book is … Brienna! Congrats!

I know I have a lot of advantages. But right now, they all feel diffused by the failed negotiations I have occurring with my uterus. CRAMPS SUCK.

I have had so many fun opportunities to speak lately: spoke at a high school where students were reading Truest; spoke at a local university for a group of lovely journalism students; spoke at the 20th anniversary of Inkstone, the literary magazine whose staff I was on in my undergrad years. I was able to share a few scenes from Salt Novel, and they went over GREAT, to my joy and relief!

Remember how Truest is coming out in Germany? I saw the German cover!

Don’t you just love that mouthful of a title?! It means something akin to “Fortune or Whatever May Come.”
I have so much to do. Alas, I am curled up in the fetal position, waiting for my Ibuprofen to kick in. TMI, maybe. Sorry if so. Thanks for letting me be real in this space.

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