Bread of Angels

Tonight I was thinking of the creative process, how when I go big picture, my brain collapses beneath the weight of writing a book. But when I take it day by day, short assignments, bird by bird, the work gets done.

It made me think of manna.

So I reread Exodus 16 in scripture, where God provides bread for the people of Israel every morning. Manna was said to be flake-like, fine as frost, like coriander seed, and tasted like wafers made with honey.

They were to gather each morning just what they needed for the day. All leftovers (except on the Sabbath) stank and had worms. The people had to learn to trust that their needs for that day would be taken care of that day . . . And the next day, there would be new bread and new mercies.

I need to remember this as I write. Today I had the creativity and courage for today. Tomorrow I will get a new batch for my next pages. Man does not live by bread alone after all.

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