Days like This

Slept about 3.5 hours last night and woke up with my FOOT in pain. Goodness gracious, what did I do now? I’ve been the queen of biofreeze and ice for a week now. I’m stressed about work, stressed about the new software at work, stressed about writing, stressed about my overdue library book, stressed about my messy bedroom, the stack of mail I’ve been ignoring, the chair I bought that is defective, all the bills I need to pay, and the tax forms I need to fill out for Germany’s translation of Truest. 

But I made a list. I iced my foot (and wrists). I returned my library book and paid my fines. I took a nap. I paid my bills, emailed with OCD sufferers, cleaned out my inbox, started the tax form process, cleaned my living room, dealt with the mail, took out the garbage, did laundry, got quotes from cleaning services, and treated myself to ice cream. 

Tomorrow and next week, I will attack work-related issues. Tomorrow night, I will go to the MOA with my favorite nine year old and try to forget everything but making her smile.

I also read an article about depression and remembered where I was at in 2003-2008. That certainly gave me some perspective.

Life is messy and stressful and busy, too busy, but I am capable, creative, and (doing my best to be) faithful. One day–one moment–at a time.

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