Tuesday Q&A: Aaron Harvey

Folks, this is tremendously important. There is some imagery in here that will be disturbing for some (especially those with religious or sexual obsessions– or for people who have ZERO experience with obsessive thoughts), in which case you might skip over the question about his memories of his first obsessions. The imagery may be shocking for some blog readers, but remember: it is also agonizing for the OCD sufferer.

I’m grateful for such a blatant, honest, stigma-free interview

Alison Dotson

AaronHeadShotOn March 21, I shared a link to IntrusiveThoughts.org on my author Facebook page and said, “I am so excited about this new website!” And I really was. Not only was it all about the intrusive thoughts that plague those of us with OCD, it mentioned all the secret shameful ones like pedophilia and harm, and — and! — it’s gorgeous. Looks shouldn’t matter, but let’s face it: Important, life-saving information served up in an attractive package certainly doesn’t hurt.

Aaron Harvey is the man behind the site, and I’m honored to host him today. We met in person at the OCD Conference in July (haven’t I told you like a million times that you need to go to the conference?), and he was warm, smart, funny, and open. He’s been talking about things many of us are still keeping to ourselves. But Aaron doesn’t want anyone else to…

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