3 thoughts on “Believe It or Not . . .

  1. Hi Jackie! My name is Mary, and I’m DXed with OCD. Reading your posts through the last couple of years has been really reassuring and brought a lot of joy to me in knowing that I am not alone in this sickness. I have had harm OCD, sexual orientation OCD, obsessions about mental illnesses (like sociopathy, narcissism, BPD)… things like that that branch out into other things. Anyway, I’m not looking for reassurance when I ask this; do you think faith is a good way to help cope with this dark time? I grew up going to Catholic school but abandoned my Catholicism in middle school, but ever since this all began, I’d been thinking that maybe revisiting my faith would help me cope with this dark time. Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Mary! Thanks for reading my blog and for dropping me a comment. I’m really glad you asked about this! My faith has been the driving force in my path toward healing. Knowing Jesus and wanting a healthy, thriving relationship with him pushed me through ERP, not to mention prayer and all the comfort provided from God. To me, Christ is who provides the meaning to all my suffering. And more than that, the meaning to my hope and to my life. Going through ERP and coping with OCD and healing from it would be ultimately meaningless to me if not for my faith and for knowing Jesus. I’d be happy to talk about this more, so please don’t hesitate to email me, Mary. My email address is listed in the contact section. ❤

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