Green Lights in Writing

A green traffic light with a sky blue backgroundI can have the most incredible idea on paper … and then, when I start to try out the scenes, the characters, or whatever, maybe nothing feels right. There’s no excitement, there’s no drive, there’s no flood of creativity.

Because I’m a fan of and not afraid of hard work, I take this pretty seriously. I stop to question whether there’s no green light for a reason.

I’m pretty vocal about my faith, so for me, I often equate this with a supernatural redirection– but even if you’re not religious, you might still believe in ideas like kismet or gut feelings and intuition.

So, what about when you have an amazing idea and no green light? Then what? Do you go with an idea that seems “lesser” but has a green-light excitement and feel to it?

I think so.

hope so.

With faith.

Now, note that I’m not trying to discourage hard work. I think it would be a horrible idea to give up on a great idea simply because it’s hard. By this green light idea, I’m talking merely about setting aside a great idea because it’s wrong.

Writers, any thoughts on this? How hard do you push an idea that doesn’t “feel” right? Does this green light concept ring a bell with you or am I totally talking nonsense?

1 thought on “Green Lights in Writing

  1. I have totally had this — recently in fact! I was all set to do a project for Nanowrimo. Had the characters sketched, the basic plotline done, and even 25,000 words of a first rough draft to look back on. And then, two days before November started, I realized it was a good idea, but I’m not the right writer for it. At least not right now. So I decided to go for a totally new idea that I had no idea where it was going, but it’s a topic I’m incredibly passionate about. It was worth it, even though I’m basically starting from ground zero.

    Good luck with Ardor Novel, Jackie! I hope you don’t mind, but I love the way you call your novels by a code name, so I’ve come to affectionately refer to my second novel as Justice Novel. 🙂

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